Case Studies

Case Study

Road Traffic Accident*

A factory worker driving home from work was rear-ended by another driver in a road traffic accident. She sustained injuries and suffered back pain for two years post-accident despite physiotherapy and pain treatment resulting in absence from her employment.

At the time of the accident she was a fit and healthy 45 year-old.

The defendant’s insurers refused to admit liability initially.

PATRICK HOGAN & CO. secured an engineer’s report to confirm the defendant was at fault and medical reports from orthopedic consultants and pain specialists on our client’s injuries.


Due to the on-going nature of the injuries, experience, care and effective solutions for our client’s treatment and claim were vital.

At each stage of your claim PATRICK HOGAN & CO. will advise you on the benefit or otherwise of going to trial or seeking settlement in accordance with your expectations

When initiating or facing litigation, it is important to choose the right solicitor. At PATRICK HOGAN & CO. we will ensure your file is run by one experienced solicitor who will offer considered and effective solutions to your queries. We will keep you abreast of all developments in the manner you require when running your file.

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any ward or settlement.

Case Study

First Time Buyers

Two young first time buyers acquired a site with a view to building a house on the property. They had difficulty in arranging mortgage finance thereby placing the construction of their family home at risk. Certain confirmations were requested by their lending institution in connection with title and access to the site.

PATRICK HOGAN & CO. reviewed title to the property and provided comfort to the lending institution thereby enabling the first time buyers secure loan finance.

A number of special conditions were contained in the letter of offer with regard to construction of the dwelling house including:

  1. Requirements that the borrowers use their own funds in tandem with the loan;
  2. 10% of the loan be withheld until completion;
  3. And certification from their solicitor that title was in order be provided prior to drawdown.


PATRICK HOGAN & CO. satisfied the title conditions and assisted the clients in meeting the remaining requirements including obtaining life assurance, a valuation of the property and home insurance.

Drawdown was secured over a series of stage payments through PATRICK HOGAN & CO.’s offices over a period of nine months and certificates on construction of the property were furnished to the bank until ultimately the property was completed.

PATRICK HOGAN & CO. arranged for the transfer of the property into the clients’ joint names, drawdown of the loan, registration of the clients’ ownership with the Property Registration Authority, registration of the bank’s charge over the property and certification of title on completion, all for a fee agreed at fixed rates agreed at the outset.


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